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Commitment to Safety

Our Safety Philosophy –

"No Job Is So Important Or Service So Urgent That It Cannot Be Done Safely"

All of us at ClearPro are extremely proud to report to you our clients both current and future that the safety record our technicians and staff have achieved is among the best in the United States for our trades. No one on our staff has suffered a single lost time injury since the inception of formal record keeping in 2002. During that time, we have worked over 246,000 man-hours without experiencing a lost time injury and that number continues to grow each new day.

The challenge we embrace at ClearPro is not to just maintain our fine safety record, but to further improve it. Our safety philosophy - "No Job Is So Important Or Service So Urgent That It Cannot Be Done Safely" – must govern all of the tasks we perform during the course of each and every day. To this end, the current focus of our Company Safety Program is to enhance our safety awareness. We must work together to review our operating procedures and equipment. We must help each other eliminate all unsafe acts from our workplace.

The owners of ClearPro fully support our Company Safety Program and know that each employee will do his or her best to maintain a safe work environment. Supervisors have the responsibility to motivate and train employees to work safely. Likewise, all employees have the job requirement of taking what they have learned and putting it into practice. Ideally, the combination of these factors should continue to produce an injury-free work environment.

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