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Carpet Cleaning

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

Use This Simple Carpet Cleaner Evaluation Checklist Based Upon the Acronym "PRIORITIES" to Help You Objectively Evaluate Different Carpet Cleaning Companies, Narrow Down the Field and Ultimately Choose the Best Company for You and Your Needs


Procedures & cleaning processes meet or exceed IICRC and CRI guidelines.

Reviews, recommendations, & referrals all substantiate a proven track record of exceptional service.

Investigations of prior criminal activity and thorough background checks are completed prior to hiring techs.

Only CRI certified cleaning chemistry is used.

Remain vigilant of potential "bait & switch" and other predatory pricing practices. Exclude the lowest price option to avoid potential upsells, hidden fees, and/or add-on fees. Make your purchasing decision based on quality and recommendations first. Consider price as a secondary option.

Insurance policies including worker’s comp, vehicle, general liability and Riders for Care, Custody, & Control and Voluntary Property Damage must be in force and have appropriate limits.

Trained, experienced, technicians with appropriate certifications will do the job right delivering top notch service. Seek out companies and technicians certified by the IICRC.

Inquire about what is not included in the advertised price you see when shopping for carpet cleaning. This is typically a base price that does not include additional services you might need like stain removal, high traffic areas, or pet urine.

Equipment properly sized and professionally maintained combined with proven chemistry and meticulous techs will absolutely deliver the best cleaning results. Ask to take a look at the inside of the van, trailer, or box. Size does matter...The larger the truck mount cleaning system the better your cleaning is likely to be; and conversely if it looks too small to properly clean your home, it probably is. Truck mount cleaning systems also need to be serviced regularly to operate at peak performance. If it looks like it hasn’t been serviced in a "month of Sundays", then it probably hasn’t. Use carpet cleaners who invest in the right size equipment and take good care of it.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed...Period. Give strong preference to companies who stand unconditionally behind their service.