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Carpet Cleaning

Frequency of Service Tips

  • The optimal frequency of the professional cleaning of your carpet and rugs will depend upon a combination of the following factors:
    • How much effort you expend to keep dirt out of your home
    • The amount of foot traffic through your home
    • The number of pets and their daily habits
    • How much entertaining you do
    • The quality of your vacuum cleaner
    • The frequency of your vacuuming schedule
    • The color and texture of your carpet and rugs
  • Service frequencies commonly range from 6 months to 24 months. Many homeowners find that a 12 month professional service schedule meets their needs
  • Carpet manufactures generally require that you have your carpet professionally cleaned a minimum of every 18-24 months...and you must retain proof of these services. Failure to do this will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Review your warranty for specifics