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Spot & Spill Tips

  • Spots and spills will occur on your carpet and rugs over their lifetime
    • Anticipate what types of spots and spills might occur
    • Prepare now to have written cleaning procedures and cleaning supplies "on hand"
    • Respond quickly and confidently when the inevitable happens
  • Spills and Spots are never good for your carpet and rugs. Left untreated:
    • Spills and Spots can stain or discolor
    • Spills and Spots can cause increased soiling
  • Most newer carpets have a stain resistant feature but no carpet is stain proof
  • "First Aid" Steps to take when a spot or spill occurs
    • Step 1 – Remove any solids or semi-solids
    • Step 2 – Remove any liquids as quickly as possible by blotting repeatedly with white cloth towels or white paper towels. Contain the spot or spill by working from the outside toward the center. Be gentle so as to not damage the carpet fiber
    • Step 3 – Rinse with clear water to remove residue
    • Step 4 – Absorb remaining liquid by placing white cloth or paper towels over the spill or spot area and pressing them into the carpet with a clean, color safe weight such as a 1 gallon plastic water jug